Joel Elias
Joel is a co-founder of Exemplar and has created the architecture for web-based applications and services at Wells Fargo, Macy's Inc (Federated Department Stores), Visa International, Inovant, Intel, and Jet Propulsion Laboratory. His wide understanding of the software, hardware, network and infrastructure disciplines enables him to balance big picture IT objectives with implementation details. Joel has expertise in web-based services, object/XML technology, performance engineering, availability management, capacity planning, and persistence technology.

Malay Jalundhwala
Malay is a co-founder of Exemplar and has led significant web and software initiatives at Wells Fargo, Hewlett Packard, Adobe Systems and several startup companies. Renowned for his partnering and team building skills, he is often the go-to PM in volatile and complex situations where results are paramount. Malay is passionate about integrating the disciplines of business strategy, product design and technical architecture into a new approach to creating the next generation of online services.

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"We adore chaos because we love to produce order."
~ M.C. Escher